Whaaa Hooo!

March 20, 2008 at 1:22 pm (Uncategorized)

people tell all these crazy stories about their first time getting hammerd or first time in an air plane. i finsd it very interesting however when it comes to me telling a story about my first (something), memories start bringing me back to when i was a young go getter. mind you i thought i was the smoothest guy on the planet. this brings back the time when i was in grade six and i asked out my first girlfriend in english class throgh the whole passing of the notes faze. She looked at me with her soft brown eyes and smiled. i was swept off me feet that day. life was good. that is a little bit of the back ground info, to continue with the point of the story. We were amiture lovers, holding hands in public areas and watching tv together was our high. it was true companionship. about 2 months into our intence/ not so intece relationship, leading into the summer months the weather became warmer so swimming became our new thing. 😛 “awesome!”. We would play water games and talk about our goals for the future in the pool. We then bagan to experiment with underwater phrases and guessing it. it started off very simple sentences like “Can you hear me?” and “what’s your favorite colour?”. then out of now where it slipped out of my mouth. We surfaced and she looked at at me with a confused but curious look on her face, not a word was said. we both submerged and our lips colided. it was an overly exilerating moment, never to be forgotten for it was a true first in my life.



  1. joakeswo said,


  2. sreddekoppwo said,

    HAHAH that sounds like such a fun old time!! haha does she go to this school?>
    im assuming not.. imagine if she saw this… what would she think!! lol CREEPER! .. haha no not even. well… maybe? and yeah. im supposed to be responding to a post that you made today.. but you havnt made one yet. and im not about to wait around for ya! .lol

  3. aknolwo said,

    An amazing love tale ——— sounds kind of like some creeper moves.Just kidding good blog well put together you really describe how it was a great moment for you

  4. jseedwo said,

    hahaha… your first kiss was in a pool…interesting, it wasnt under the stars, now that wiould of been picture perfect, and man talk about an interesting relationship, going underwater, and trying to talk…interesting blog, i guess… but i rather hear about your first time getting smashed…

  5. abulleywo said,

    aww that is so cute it is like something you would see in a movie. i also love the way you told it is was very good

  6. feickt said,

    This is a great blog, Andre!
    Sometimes the sweet, innocent times of our younger days sound so refreshing. Your descriptions of the underwater game really engage your reader. Great job!

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