How do we know?

February 25, 2008 at 2:36 pm (Uncategorized)


How do we know when it’s right to move on? To act on more than just a gut feeling or guestimate the appropriate course of action. When do we leave the past behind and pursue towards something new? Weather it’s a material item or someone close. Where is the fine line between love and obsession? How do we know if love is equal when shared between two people?

We all need to set goals for ourselves, to strive towards something because it gives us a purpose or meaning in our lives and the ultimate reward is a sense of accomplishment or success. Where does the line lie between success and greed? When does two not become enough?

If getting older means becoming wiser, does this mean we will ultimately become more board and unenthused or maybe even desensitized because we have experienced and accomplished more things? I find even at this mere young age of 18 I have seen and felt so much in such a short time. I thrive on seeing and learning new things. Now it leaves me to wonder, what more does this world have to offer?

Knowing that humans are the most advanced species on the planet, some questions are better left unsaid.



  1. sreddekoppwo said,

    this is deep man, i like it, personaly i think in some ways, you could be right about the getting old thing, and then again, maybe not. maybe a more positive outlook on growing old could be put in to good use. we are still so younge, babies to the world, we need to experience more things in life, there is still tones to find out. and even if we do get desensitized and such, we can still share our acheivements and experiences with others.

  2. feickt said,

    I enjoyed reading this entry, Andre. It is so important in life to keep asking questions–even if we never discover the answers.

    I remember someone telling me (when I was in my early 20s) that as we age we most certainly do become wiser, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we become happier. Not sure how I feel about that…

  3. agrosswo said,

    That was pretty intense. That actually really made me think. But um, definitely I’m with you on :”When do we leave the past behind and pursue towards something new?” I’ve always wondered that, but maybe deep down in everyone, no one can leave their past whether it’s good or bad. It still is apart of you and believe it or not, you can’t forget about it. If I tried to forget about my past and leave it behind, I would be lost for words, you learn from past. Past experiences, past fun, past memories, past development. So in a way past can be a good thing; it can steer you in the right path, or even better it can steer you towards a different path better than the path you were on. I don’t know. I think past is a good thing, but that’s just me. Really good blog though!

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