Personality Training

December 26, 2007 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Personality training

Everyone is different and we all have painted the perfect picture in our minds of how we want ourselves to look and feel. However, the media has played a great role in contributing to this behavior, planting ideas in our head; everyone has to be perfect, which leads us wanting to change ourselves, whether it would be on the inside or the outside to become more accepted. I believe it’s the way we perceive things in everyday life and that proves how people are so manipulative as well as gullible in our society.

If I could change something about myself I would want to tweak my personality. To become more intuitive and passionate about things in general, more or less to complete me as a well rounded person. I am a caring and friendly person but I lack in certain areas that the average person doesn’t usually pick up on.

By taking the time to write this I feel a little bit more passionate about my work and I believe i have made a positive step forward in the right direction to strengthen the targeted weaker areas. I think of it as weight lifting for the mind, you don’t get stronger if you don’t use the weaker muscles. I guess the moral of the article here is… “Practice makes perfect”


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