huh? That’s a rhetorical question, give me 10 laps!

October 12, 2007 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Mr. Woodcock

Long after getting past Mr. Woodcock’s gym class as an adolescent, John Farley (Sean William Scott) becomes a self help author with a breakout bestseller, Letting Go: Getting Past Your Past. When he hears that he is to be awarded one of his Nebraska hometown’s highest honors, the Corn Cob Key, for his achievement, he breaks away from his book tour to go back home. He arrives only to find that his mother is actually dating Woodcock. Naturally, Woodcock pounces on John with a new wave of torture but this time John wants to fight back by showing the community and especially his mother just how bad a person he thinks Woodcock is. And the battle goes on.

Are you going to enjoy this movie? Rhetorical question moviegoer! The answer is yes. Especially if you feel that at some point in your childhood you were severely humiliated by an educator. This movie is more of an adult comedy with a slight touch of drama and psychological themes. Sure, it is not unique, but it carries itself quite well. Even though there is nothing really extraordinary about the storyline of this movie, the script breathed life into it.


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  1. feickt said,

    Hey Andre,
    Sounds interesting…but what the heck is the title?

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